WebQit's work in progress

The tooling, cloud, and community for web-native development.

Bank your life's work on open web standards; ride less on abstractions! We make all of that fun!

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Open source tooling that meets the challenge with native APIs and open web standards!

  • Objective SQL

    The object-oriented, adaptive SQL for modern apps - query anything from the plain JSON object, to the client-side IndexedDB, to the server-side DB.


    A suite of new DOM features that lets us write modular, reusable, and reactive HTML, offering robust UI development with none of a framework.

  • Play UI

    A family of tools that brings a utility-based approach to UI development along with a full development story. Try an empowering way to build modern UIs

  • Webflo

    The universal JavaScript framework for Web, Mobile, and API Backends. Webflo takes you from development, to deployment, to continous delivery.


Instant, zero-ops and auto-scaling infrastructure built for the web-native experience!

  • Objective DB (Coming soon)

    Objective SQL on tap in highly-available, dedicated PostgreSQL instances. Get instant data APIs for your serverless app. Scale to millions.

  • Webflo Runtime (Coming soon)

    Instant deployment platform for Webflo apps. A robust infrastructure for when you're scaling by the day. Ship, iterate, scale!


Community-wide initiatives, resources and support system for web-native development.