Instant, open source cloud for web-native apps

      Go live on an instant, zero-ops infrastructure built for the web-native experience!


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      The whole idea

      Provisioning and "baby-sitting" infrastructure can be a terrible job! Modern wisdom is to find a leverage - this time, on a Web-Native-ready cloud that's designed to give you the speedpoints you'll need on every dev & deployment cycle, and to give your end-users the most realtime experience on their every touchpoint!

      Here's your ideal infrastructure 👇

      • Instant by design

        Comes fully Web-Native-ready

        Skip all the work with orchestrating containers and the total list of your backend software! Get your services running in the same tick as a (UI) click, or (Terminal) command, or (API) call.

      • ZeroOps by design

        Gets it all going totally hands-free

        Staying awake to keep infrastructure awake is non-trivial business... that starves the main business! A better idea is to get your service lifecycle fully monitored and managed!

      • Auto-scaling by design

        Auto-allocates resources based on runtime demands

        Think big on an enterprise-ready infrastructure but keep things streamlined when workloads are small, or just periodic! Your services are dynamically-scaled for optimal uptime and speed!

      • Distributed by design

        Gets your web-native app distributed for speeeed

        This takes advantage of the simple, static nature of Web-Native frontends. Each deploy sends off your /public directory into a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to be served close to your users.

      • Git-based by design

        Comes fully integrated into your Git workflow

        Just code and git-push, and see every update roll - from your repository to the cloud, to your users! You simply connect your repo... and a fully-featured CI/CD pipeline kicks in!

      • Open source by design

        Sits on the freedom of open source software

        An open source philosophy gives you the perfect extension of the freedom and decentralization of web-native development! You're welcome home with your web-native app!

      It's the path of least engineering with multiple developer leveragepoints, enterprise-level guarantees, and user experience wins!

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