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The community for web-native development.

Meet community-wide initiatives, resources and support system for web-native development!

#Web-Native, #WICG


Web-Native - A Community-Wide Realization.

Web-native is an approach to web tooling that seeks to solve for the traditonal, native web over vendor-specific interests. This is an especially important goal for a web community that is now fragmented into framework silos.

WebQit Community is an initiative to support an obvious community-wide paradigm shift for web-native development. We seek to drive community participation in new ideas for the web platform, and in all the projects that are revisiting much of the assumptions that brought us here, to explore new possibilities around just conventional web languages and APIs.

We're beginning this initiative by giving mentions to the actionable discussions from around the web that are painting this future of the web. It'll be nice to see the whole picture from one place.

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