Open source tooling for web-native development

      Explore the complete JavaScript stack for developing future-facing, web-native applications.


      Check out some quick examples to get started!

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      The whole idea

      Now that web standards are rising fast to solve our toughest problems natively, a new direction for the web is clear: web-native development! For all we've bet on custom tooling, we must now explore new ways to leverage and extend what's natively available!

      Here's to that a brief tour 👇

      • Meet Web Components

        WCs are the web's native "UI component" technology

        Already a fan? Try authoring simpler components with Subscript Element - a base class for WCs that adds reactivity to your static WC code without itself acting as a "framework".

      • Meet Progressive Web Apps

        PWAs are the web's standard for cross-platform apps

        In the time it takes to learn anything else, you would have just written some HTML, CSS and JS and come off with a Progressive Web App!
        - Simplicity by Webflo.

      • Meet the Fetch Standard

        Fetch is the web's "request/response" spec and API

        Build your app's concept of requests and responses on the fetch standard! Just use Webflo - to do this in a unified routing experience - one standard, frontend and backend!

      • Meet the Open API Specification

        OAS is the community standard for REST API schemas

        In just a schema, your backend can be up for discoverability and integrations, and a whole world of cool automations - e.g: schema-based routing, schema-generated UI forms, etc.

      • Meet SQL (in unlikely places too!)

        SQL is the web's standard language for relational DBs

        Already a fan? Try sticking to just SQL and eliminating the ORM - here's arrow-joins for relationships!😎 Plus, ever need to work with the client-side Indexed DB? Bring your SQL here too!

      • Meet the ES6+ series

        ES6 is the beginning of JavaScript's ultra-modern era

        Immerse in JavaScript's cool language features. You can also find some of it's low-level primitives abstracted away with higher-level APIs (E.g: the Observer API over ES6 Proxies & object accessors)

      • Meet browser APIs, simplified

        Browser APIs are ready-to-use features in browsers

        Try $.play()-ing away in the Web Animations API, or binding your page to the Web Monetization API - just to mention a few ways to consume browser APIs with zero boilerplate!

      It's an entirely clean fabric for writing code in the syntax of web standards and for making better web apps that we'll call web-native apps!

      Get your life's work off to a good start - here!