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                                A TODO List In OOHTML

                                Below is a TODO list application we made out of a plain JavaScript array bound to document.state.

                                It features the ability to add items and toggle the active state of each item.

                                • For the add feature - When the add button in the TODO container is clicked, an item is added to the array - effectively becoming a new item in the UI.
                                • For the toggle feature - When the toggle button of an item in the UI is clicked, the corresponding entry in the array gets its active property toggled between true and false.

                                Note that we're involving the Observer API to reactively mutate the todo list. Also, we're using the jQuery-like Play UI to manipulate the DOM.

                                        <title>A TODO List in OOHTML</title>
                                        <meta name="oohtml" content="" />
                                        <script src=""></script>
                                        <script src=""></script>
                                            // Make PlayUI available globally
                                            window.$ = window.WebQit.$;
                                            window.Observer = window.WebQit.Observer;
                                            // Create the app
                                            const app = {
                                                title: 'My TODO',
                                                todo: [
                                                    {desc: 'Task-1', active: true},
                                                    {desc: 'Task-2', active: true},
                                                    {desc: 'Task-3', active: true},
                                        <template name="items">
                                            <li namespace>
                                                <span data-id="desc"></span>
                                                <button data-id="toggle">Toggle Active</button>
                                                <script type="subscript">
                                                    $(this.namespace.desc).css('opacity', ? '1' : '0');
                                                    $(this.namespace.toggle).on('click', () => {
                                               = !;
                                        <div namespace>
                                            <h2 data-id="title"></h2>
                                            <ol data-id="items" template="items"></ol>
                                            <button data-id="add">Add</button>
                                            <br /><br />
                                            You can also add items from the console directly.<br />
                                            Open your console and type: <code>Observer.proxy(document.state.todo).push({desc:"New Item", active: true})</code>
                                            <script type="subscript">
                                                this.namespace.title.innerHTML = document.state.title;
                                                this.namespace.add.addEventListener('click', () => {
                                                    Observer.proxy(document.state.todo).push({desc: prompt('Task description', , 'Task-' + (document.state.todo.length + 1)), active: true,});

                                Check the live demo here or copy and paste the code in a blank HTML page and view in your browser.