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        This method is used to bind event or gesture handlers to an element. This works like the native EventTarget.addEventListener() function but adds support for user gestures and custom event implementation.


        let listener = $(el).on(eventName, handler[, params = {}]);


        • eventName: String - The event or gesture name.

        • handler: function(event) - The handler function.


          • event: Object - An Event object.
        • params: Object - Additional parameters.


        • listener: Listener - An instance of Listener.


        Handle gesture events.

        $(document.body).on('doubletap', event => {
            console.log('You doubletapped me!', event.details);

        Try using the trigger() method to fire the event.

        // Trigger
        // And we can add details
        $(document.body).trigger('doubletap', {time:0});

        Tagging a Listener

        The params.tags parameter can be used to tag a listener. Tags are an array of values (strings, numbers, objects, etc) that can be associated with the listener for later use. See tags in action using the .off() method.

        let listener = $(el).on(eventName, handler, {tags:['#tag']});

        Programmatically manipulate the returned listener object.

        // Synthetically trigger the listener
            type: 'doubletap',
        // Disconnect the listener


        PlayUI uses the Hammer.js gesture library to support the following gestures out of the box. For details of these gestures, see the Hammer.js documentation.

        • press: press, pressup
        • rotate: rotate, rotatestart, rotatemove, rotateend, rotatecancel
        • pinch: pinch, pinchstart, pinchmove, pinchend, pinchcancel, pinchin, pinchout
        • pan: pan, panstart, panmove, panend, pancancel, panleft, panright, panup, pandown
        • swipe: swipe, swipeleft, swiperight, swipeup, swipedown
        • tap: tap, (by custom extension: tripletap, doubletap, singletap)

        Be sure to include Hammer.js on your page before trying to observe gestures.

        Static Usage

        The .on() instance method is internally based on the standalone ui/on() function which may be used statically.


        const { on } = $.ui;
        import { on } from '@webqit/playui-js/src/ui/index.js';


        See the general way to use Play UI's standalone functions