• SERVER RUNTIME
                    • CLIENT RUNTIME
                        • BUILD SYSTEM
                            • WORKFLOW
                                  • DEPLOYMENT
                                      • API
                                              • COMMAND-LINE
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                                                              Webflo is the universal JavaScript framework for Web, Mobile, and API Backends, and the single tool that takes you from development, to deployment, to continous delivery. The Webflo experience is: all of the possibilities delivered in a long-story-short approach!

                                                              Take an overview!


                                                              Every Webflo project starts on an empty directory that you can create on your machine. We are creating one below - named webflo-app - and navigating into it on the terminal.

                                                              mkdir webflo-app
                                                              cd webflo-app

                                                              Next is to have Webflo installed, following the installation guide. This makes the webflo command available on the terminal. And that is all the setup required!

                                                              Webflo is a command-line tool. So the installed files won't be showing up anywhere in your workspace.

                                                              Project Layout

                                                              Any project will normally live in files and folders. Webflo lets us follow a layout that just defines the capabilities of the application.

                                                              The following directories are used as the application's URL-handling facilities.

                                                              • /public - for static files serving
                                                              • /server - for server-side routing
                                                              • /client - for client-side routing
                                                              • /worker - for worker-level routing

                                                              Any other directory (e.g. /src) may exist here at root level for other purposes.


                                                              Main Topic: Routing